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Editorial and creative work

"A Day Without Immigrants: Black & Brown United as One" (Op-ed published by Atlanta Journal & Constitution and Creative Loafing) May 2006


Lost Opportunities: Our children are not rehabilitated when imprisoned as adults
Policy brief under-girding coalition policy advocacy against children’s arrest, trial and imprisonment as adults. Georgia’s Campaign for Juvenile Justice invited Dr. Satchel to investigate prison conditions/practices, and exclusively used this piece in their lobbying efforts in 2003 and 2004. GA’s State Legislature invited Dr. Satchel to testify several times about her findings, which resulted in the state’s first comprehensive legislation to repeal relevant laws.

Representing Sexually Exploited Children: A Manual for Attorneys & Service Providers
First culturally-competent and gender-specific training manual based on primary and secondary research for courts & treatment providers who serve sexually abused children. 40 pages of original text, national reports, related articles, court documents/forms, and a resource directory. Distributed throughout Georgia, the manual is used by lawyers, social workers, judges, detention administrators, and other officers of the court.

Researched and assisted in drafting the legislation that led to the codification of this law that made pimping and pandering of children a felony in the state of Georgia. Since enactment, fifteen people who prostituted children have been convicted and sentenced under this law. 

Model Court Report on Fulton County Juvenile Court
Assessed policies and processes of the Deprivation Unit of the FCJC in adjudicating the cases of abused and neglected children. Analyzed federal and state mandates, and recommended strategies for the FCJC to come into compliance with the law and employ “model” or “best” court practices.